Rossiyskaya Gazeta: cryptocurrency exchange for rubles is a crime

Cryptocurrency exchange for rubles and back can be a misdemeanor and punishment is five years prison.

In an anonymous interview with a representative of the Finance Ministry's press service said that the sole purpose of the new law is to limit the exchange operations:

"The only thing we want to limit is cryptocurrency exchange for rubles and back. The bill to be introduced criminal liability for the fact of exchange ", - quotes the edition of the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

The new law cryptocurrency exchange for rubles will be less serious crime, which under Russian law punishable by imprisonment for up to five years.

The question: “Who will be engaged in tracking operations cryptocurrency» remains open.

"The likely result of this will be reserved for the Investigative Committee. Punishment is supposed to pretty tough, but this is due to the peculiarities of our procedural law ", - told in the Ministry of Finance.

Information about toughening penalties for trafficking cryptocurrency appeared in early February. All the same, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", citing unnamed "experts and financiers," said about the dangers of cryptocurrency, as well as that for the operations with them will be going to jail for two years. On the responsibility of the cryptocurrency turnover also began to speak after a loud discussion of the problem in the Russian parliament. During this discussion, the MP Lugovoi announced data showing that Russia ranked fifth in the world in the number of people using cryptocurrency.