F2Pool threatens to withdraw from the agreement on SegWit due to changes in the signatures of participants

Chinese mining pool F2Pool is ready to stop supporting the "road map" to optimize the Bitcoin due to the fact that one of the parties to the agreement changed his signature. Meanwhile, users are wondering what can be linked to such a move.

F2Pool argues that consensus will leave when Adam Beck, Blockstream president, does not explain why he changed his signature under the text of the "road map" with his position as "President" to "private person."

"We feel cheated. I do not know how we can continue to trust Blockstream in the future ", - he wrote a Chinese mining pool in one of his comments on the profile display.

Participants negotiated on Reddit portal suggested that Beck's actions indirectly indicate that during a roundtable in Hong Kong, he probably represented his personal view on the "road map" than the official position of the head of the company.

This assumption is partly confirmed by the statement of another representative Blockstream, co-founder Mark Fridenbaha, who said:

"Fortunately, Blockstream are free to speak and act on this issue as individuals. Even Adam was present at the event as a private person, his signature does not bear the weight of all the representative Blockstream ».

However, later the signature of Adam Beck was again changed to «President» Blockstream, although this was done without any explanation from the representatives of the company.