It was released textbook on Bitcoin at Princeton

The Princeton University has a textbook dedicated Bitcoin and principles of electronic currencies functioning.

Version, available online, is considered by the authors as a final draft. As the book Princeton Bitcoin Textbook will be published in the summer of Princeton University Press.

The textbook is designed for students and graduates of technical universities, software developers, and enthusiasts with basic programming skills. Book creators promise that reading it will help "break through all the noise around Bitcoin and understand what is in fact a member of its uniqueness."

Readers can get acquainted with the basic principles of operation of the electronic exchange, learn how it is anonymous and secure, as well as through simulated to start their own development. The textbook is divided into chapters, each of which ends with questions for reflection. The book also contains the programming task.

It is assumed that, having studied the Princeton Bitcoin Textbook, the programmer will have sufficient knowledge to create their own tied to the bitcoin software.

"We really like what is a book: a detailed, 300 pages, but it is written in human language that is easy to read" - confessed in his blog, one of the authors Arvind Narayanan.

Previously, researchers from Princeton have launched a remote course on e-currency Bitcoin. It has been more than thirty thousand students. The program was conceived as a supplement to the textbook and will be expanded with new video lectures.