Chinese miners doubt in Segregated Witness

Discussion about the size of the Bitcoin block continues to be tightened, and it has not the end. Operators of pools Chinese do not seem to agree passively wait for other people's decisions.

Chinese miners have decided to come to a consensus on their own. The plan is to reject any Bitcoin forks that do not get 90% or more of the voting miners.

During a recent meeting between Chinese operators of mining pools raised various safety problems associated with Segregated Witness. It looks like Bitcoin Classic good chance to win the "round".

January 23 representatives of almost all Chinese pools come together to discuss pressing issues. In the end, it all comes down to two simple requirements:

block size should be (initially) be increased to 2 MB

the proposal must be supported by at least 90% of the production capacity Bitcoin.

The two branches - the main and alternative Bitcoin Core Bitcoin Classic - have different proposals to achieve the block size 2Mb. Both options have their advantages. How to come to a consensus of 90% or more - is still in question. However, we can say that the decision of the decision has been already made - although not formally.

Despite general agreement on increasing the size of the block to 2Mb, there are still supporters of the preservation of the current block to 1Mb. But it is better to take preventive measures than to fix real problems.