ChangeTip platform allowing users to determine their location through GPS

ChangeTip platform, leader in Bitcoin and micro-tips added to the application function, allowing users to determine their location through GPS and other users are nearby.

Inter-user payments platform, which can be used to be in the form of donations or tips, has introduced a new feature for contactless payments through the app. The new feature will allow tipping waiters, drivers and other staff even easier and without paying a fee - by simply selecting individual detected via GPS.

"We live in a world where cash is used less and less. And it becomes more obvious when I want to, for example, throw a coin street musician or leave a trifle needy. ChangeTip solves this problem by using a mobile phone, "- explains the purpose of Victoria Van Eyck, a company spokesman. Customers can store their platform tools for further use in the application ChangeTip, both in the electronic purse.

In 2015, the company that owns ChangeTip, consistently implemented through the application of a number of initiatives. In January ChangeTip Start the bitcoin tips through Facebook. In May, the service began to accept donations for the musicians through the service SoundCloud. In August, in conjunction with DirectRelief platform began collecting money to buy vitamins for pregnant women in Africa. Finally, in November ChangeTip launched a new mobile application that allows you to bitcoin transfers using symbols - Emoji.