"Stone of Destiny" is now available for Scotcoin

Scottish pub Arlington, based in Glasgow, sells its famous beer for national cryptocurrency. Scotcoin is electronic currency, created in 2013. Pub owners have decided to express their support to Scotcoin, though they said they do not intend to pay salaries to its employees Scotcoin.

Pub decided to choose beer "Stone of Destiny" because of a nice story: according to the legend, Scottish students, stole the relic in 1950 from Westminster Abbey, the stone was hidden in a pub Arlington.

Scotcoin is national, but not limited only to the space of Scotland cryptocurrency easily exchanged for bitcoins using a special application.

This fall, the New Economics Foundation NEF proposed for Scotland to develop another e-currency ScotPound. The initiative was supported by a member of the ruling party SNP Scottish George Kerewan.

Meanwhile, Royal Bank of Scotland is studying blockchain technology behind electronic currency in the international project R3, and tests its own virtual currency.