Four members became the winners of the auction of confiscated Bitcoins Silk Road

United States Marshals Service (USMC) has announced the results of the fourth and final auction for sale of Silk Road confiscated bitcoins. The winners were four bidders out of 11 registered.

The total amount put up for sale was 44,000 cryptocurrency BTC, and earlier this week the New York Stock Exchange bitcoin itBit confirmed the successful bid auction of five units in the amount of 10 000 BTC.

However, it was now known, it was not the largest auction purchase bitcoins - one of the bidders, whose name was not disclosed, bought a 24,000 BTC. The share of two participants had to stay a part of cryptocurrency - 6000 and 4000 respectively, BTC.

Recall that, in total, was sentenced to life imprisonment Ross Ulbricht, the creator of an online black market Silk Road, seized more than 144,000 BTC, the value of which at the time was estimated at $ 122 million.

Additionally USMS confiscated 29,000 BTC from different purses and events pertaining to the Silk Road.