creates a savings account in Bitcoin

London cryptocurrency startup Bsave completed round of financing for $ 400,000 as seed money. The company announced the creation of a "savings account" in Bitcoin for users who can directly connect it to their Coinbase purse. At the same time, they have the opportunity to earn interest on their savings.

Bsave announced a new platform, offering a savings account that allows customers to profit from their bitcoins. It is said in a statement that percents are credited to the users account every day by the end of the 24-hour period. Withdrawal is possible without penalty, if the user wants to completely withdraw his bitcoins.

In a press release Bsave it is notes that the accounts of users can be directly linked to Coinbase. In this case, the user will have an account with bitcoin directly from the supplier. Daily interest payments are calculated algorithmically.

Percents are calculated according to the amount of funds held in the account and lasting contribution.

Jonathan Azeruel, a former employee of Societe Generale, is now one of the Bsave founders:

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency may be best suited for financing and subsequently become a global platform for storing and sharing of customer funds. Bsave seeks to uncover this potential by introducing a new paradigm of the Internet economy.